About Conway Ridge

Conway Ridge has a dedicated company vision to provide immediate liquidity to home sellers so everyone wins.

Originally founded in Napa Valley, California in 2015, since that time Conway Ridge has purchased homes from American Canyon to Napa to the Upvalley luxury market as well.

We Are Cash Home Buyers

Conway Ridge purchases homes throughout Napa county and surrounding markets in any condition. Including homes that are difficult to sell for a number of reasons, and also homes that have their owners in tough, captive situations. We pay cash to purchase these homes from their owners, rehab them, and then sell these homes to investors or buyers, or rent them to tenants.

In doing so, we help homeowners get out of tough situations quickly so they can move on with their life. By doing so we provide quality renovated homes to the marketplace which are often purchased by first time homebuyers and families right here in our community. Additionally we provide many high paying construction, administrative and managerial jobs to the community.  We improve our neighborhoods one house at a time.

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